We are unique because although we are a Real Estate brokerage, we operate much like a third party marketing agency. We pride ourselves in being a "New school" brokerage that is High Tech. We at dtlarealestate.com are a Los Angeles real estate agency brokered by Donegan McCuaig, headquartered in DTLA. We specialize in Los Angeles commercial real estate leasing including DTLA office space, warehouse space, retail space, & restaurant space. In addition to that we also focus on commercial real estate sales, and we can also help with DTLA condo and loft sales.

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George Bernard Shaw once wrote “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” The greatest minds have produced the greatest shifts in thought by showing the world what they thought was reasonable to be wrong. These people were Albert Einstein who refuted Sir Isaac Newton. And Copernicus who refuted Ptolemy. One of the definitions of “quixotic” is impractical. It is hard to believe that the Sun rotates around the Earth, and not the Earth rotates around the sun, was once believed to be a practical truth to people. These shifts in thought are the essence of creativity. Seeing what others do not. Making decisions that defy what you might expect with a nod toward the future to create progress in business. Entrepreneurs see opportunity and they take it, and that requires creativity and an audacity to fulfill dreams: whether the entrepreneur is an artist or a financial analyst, or both. As a real estate brokerage, we seek to serve these people. We help them to achieve their real estate investment goals.


To foster long-term relationships with renters, property managers, buyers and owners by providing a positive experience and an excellent service with honesty and integrity: creating continual, mutual, and profitable benefits for all parties involved.

Donegan McCuaig


Donegan graduated with honors from UCLA for his Bachelors Degree in 2006. He’s been licensed by the CA Bureau of Real Estate since 2006 and a licensed broker since 2009. He spent the beginning of his career in apartment management in LA and Orange County. He’s worked in commercial real estate in Los Angeles since 2008 when he began leasing warehouse space to artists. Donegan’s company was voted #1 Commercial Real Estate Company in DTLA three years in a row by readers of the LA Downtown News (2015, 2016, & 2017) and he was awarded Costar’s Power Broker Award 2017 for being one of the top 5 brokers in Los Angeles for retail leasing volume, #1 in DTLA. With over 10 years of DTLA experience, Donegan has become one of the top commercial brokers in Downtown LA.

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