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For Los Angeles Real Estate Help Call/Text (213) 304-4727 Now!

Starting a restaurant in Los Angeles. It’s not as easy as you think – but we can help!

DTLA SkylineWe get calls everyday from people who would love to break into the Downtown Los Angeles restaurant market. Many people think you can go out and find a space, put in your equipment and furniture, have the health department sign off, and then start making money. If only it were that simple. Unless you are assuming an existing business and changing nothing you will generally have to go through a change of use through building and safety. You have to have your restaurant fully designed and planned and wait for their review before you get to start renovating. Most full service restaurants need to serve alcohol to hit their profit margins which involves a conditional use permit. Both of these are long and complicated processes which involve going in front of local area councils, LAPD, and the department of building and safety. It’s no easy feat. You have to be prepared to pay rent on a space for anywhere from 10 to 12 months before you open your doors. We at dtlarealestate.com understand that for many individual owners this is not possible. As we don’t believe that the only people in hospitality in downtown should be large corporate entities or millionaire owners, we like to assist potential owners in negotiating the best deal to mitigate these challenges. We can help negotiate periods of free rent or tenant improvements by the property owners to assist you. We also have close relationships with permitting experts that specialize in downtown. We even have a member of our staff who has a decade of experience in the hospitality field. There is no better brokerage in downtown to help you opening a restaurant in Los Angeles!  Especially leasing a restaurant in Downtown LA!

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