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DTLA: SICK SKID ROW GRND FLR COMMERCIAL LOFT (740 Crocker St - $1.41psf/2,700sf)


Epic ground floor commercial loft located in SKID ROW. Like-new building built in 2015! Beautiful windowed frontage on this space lets in tons of natural light. There’s central HVAC with private thermostat. Cement flooring, exposed ceilings, skylights, two private bathrooms, mezzanine office space with kitchenette, this space has it all! Front/back access and comes with two ground floor parking spaces in the back gated area. Excellent for warehousing and distribution. Definitely in the heart of Skid Row so if homeless people turn you or your customers off this is not the space for you! There is no Starbucks one block away! Epic space. Incredible industrial vibe. Would also be very cool for an art gallery or creative type of business that’s okay juxtaposing themselves with a urban vibe that is as gritty as it gets. NO AFTER HOURS PARTIES or illegal/unpermitted activity of any kind. Ask me the advantages of signing a three-year lease! On all our listings MINIMAL ONE YEAR LEASE ARE ACCEPTED ONLY, and owner may require a longer than one-year lease for this listing. Showings by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We are a real estate brokerage, if this space doesn’t meet your needs we may have or know about something else that does. Please submit your information on the Quick Contact Form or call/text now! And don’t forget to follow us on social media at the links above, thank you!

DISCLOSURES: The information contained herein is deemed reliable but was obtained from third parties and has not been independently verified by Quixotic Realty Inc and is therefore not guaranteed. Brokers/agents are not qualified to act, consult, make conclusions, and/or provide advice with respect to legal, tax, environmental, licensing, permitting, architectural, building code and construction, soils-drainage, and/or any other such matters, so for these things you should refer to the appropriate expert of your choice for confirmation. Pictures shown might not be of the actual particular available space, but of a similar one in the same building. If there is a common area shared by the unit listed, the unit square feet listed on marketing materials are the gross (rentable) square feet which includes a 20% load factor (common area factor) added to the net (usable) square feet. For multiple reasons, the square feet are approximate and are not guaranteed, leases assume you measure the square feet of the space before leasing and approve of the calculation. Rent rate and terms on all of Quixotic Realty Inc’s and affiliates advertisements and correspondences are subject to change so the final rent rate and terms are not valid or binding until a written lease has been signed by lessor and lessee. Please see our web-site for full disclosures. Lic#01753250

Essential Information

740 Crocker St
For Lease
Lease Type:
Monthly Rate:
Square Feet:
2,700sf including mezz


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