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New Building in Vernon with Soaring Ceilings

Came across this awesome building driving around aimlessly looking for industrial space. And boy, is this industrial. Awesome ceiling height… can you say “16 FOOT CEILINGS?” Yes, 16 foot ceilings. Cement flooring. IMG_1531 IMG_2045
This jewel, like many spaces of the same type, has the windows painted over. Yes, it gets warm in the summers, but cut out the natural light? Please. Nevertheless, behold, cement style industrial space. Get this, this space is on the ground floor, yes GROUND FLOOR! It’s rare to find industrial space like this with 24 hour access, ground floor, and with this ceiling height. You find something like this, rent it. Actually, just rent this one. Space has metal roll-up doors which make one capable of driving a car inside. Excited to bring this building to you and even more excited to get this new addition to the DTLA Real Estate family. Like always, minimal one year lease. All the utilities are included. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as new space comes available here. I look forward to experiencing more space in the glorious city of Vernon, and if you’re with me, you will too. Until next time!


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