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New Creative Office Building in the Historic Core






3I came upon this building walking along Spring Street, as I often do, saw a leasing sign on it, and called the number. From there, history was made. Just kidding. No, but let’s get serious here people. This building has just undergone a renovation from a sewing building to a creative office building… actually, it’s still in process going floor-by-floor. These units are all under 1200SF and go for about $2 per square foot. What’s unique about this creative office building, compared to it’s competitors, is that the units have private bathrooms. Neither the Spring Arts Tower nor the Pershing Square building can say anything about that. And yes, they’re the competition. Also what’s great about these spaces is that they have central heating and air-conditioning. They feature exposed ceilings. The ground floor retail space is currently a company that serves the sewing manufacturing industry, but they are on their way out, and the way is hereby made for a new restaurant to delight the locals. (As if we needed another restaurant). So yes! Awesome building. Awesome deal. What more can you want? Yes, a complimentary butler would be great but let’s not kid ourselves here. That’s not going to happen.


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453 S. Spring St Suite 818

Los Angeles, CA 90013

United States

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