Like many of the best finds in downtown Los Angeles real estate, there is a gem hiding in plain sight. You wouldn’t know it from looking at the exterior of the building located at 229-241 East 7th Street, but upstairs there are four amazing spaces that can be combined in a variety of ways. Many hopeful tenants who want to lease in Downtown Los Angeles covet 20-foot ceilings, central HVAC, 24/7 access and an adjacent parking lot; this property has it all!

Warehouse space in Downtown Los Angeles
Warehouse space in Downtown Los Angeles

Situated on a transitional block of 7th street, you can see the grit turn glint. It is across the street from Santee Court, home to over 200 hundred downtown LA residential lofts. There is nothing sweeter to an Angelino than a one-block commute. Standing on the front sidewalk of the building, looking a few blocks West, you can watch the new Korean Air skyscraper making its way to the high point of the LA City skyline.

IMG_6035 Stitch

Fortunately, this building will be getting a paint job soon, as it desperately needs it!  Hopefully the colors will be consistent with the creative interiors.  We’d like to do dark gray with a neon green accent, but we will have to see what the owners say!  This building was actually purchased not long ago.  Having sold recently, the building also has a new property management company!  Everyone seems to be on board with upgrading this commercial building in DTLA!

Creative DTLA Office Space
Creative DTLA Office Space

Last but not least, this building also has to ground floor retail spaces for lease!  Being that this building is situated at the border of the Fashion District and the Toy District, and walking distance from the Historic Core, pretty much any type of tenant you can think of could potentially be a good fit!  The building also has a private parking lot situated next to it, and the spaces include parking!  This could be the great deal you are looking for. For questions about this space or any other real estate opportunity, contact Donegan McCuaig at the number above.

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