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Some Past Commercial Real Estate Leases

Raw Hyde MFG Co. (leather fashion)
Kay Celine (fashion brand)
May Lindstrom (organic make-up)
Angel Brinks (fashion brand)
Rip N Dip (fashion brand) (makeup app)
Julia Riva (fashion brand)
Breelayne Fashion (fashion brand)
Lolly Clothing (fashion brand)
Jhaus Brand (fashion brand)
Top Fashion Buyer (fashion co)
The Fashion Office (pr)
Adolfo Canaca Collection
Skip Arnold (logistics)
Nilay Lawson (artist)
Raw Artists (artist co)
Alan Michaud (artist)
Caleb Phoenix Pleasant (artist)
Karissa Hahn (artist)
Antonio Ballatore
Joseph Varela (recording/post prod)
Unfriendly Studios (recording)
Milton Archer (music management)
Don Cawley (video production)
Meridian LA (film/tv production)
Rubrik House
Kornhaber Brown
1906 Studios (production/studio rental)
Wake & Late (American food)
Lazy Brewing Company (cafe)
Strada (cafe)
Swag Media
Nicole Miyuki
O&O (marketing/app dev)
White Label Connection (logistics)
Gravity Media (full service marketing)
Studio 401 (photography studio)
Dream Out Loud Studio (photography studio/event space)
Cavan Clarke (photographer)
Nicodim Gallery
Odville Studios
Gils Sanctuary
Rediscovered Masters
Dolphin and Hawk
Synthesis DNA
Spatial Affairs Bureau
Metals and Rocks
Diamonds 26
Valerie Lopez Law
Absolutely Solar (solar energy co)
Lost Art Liquids (vape liquid)
The Loyal Subjects (toy company)
Paper Pastries (greeting cards/crafts)
Nurulize (virtual reality)
GPA Architects (Tutoring Co)
Copy Pro Legal (litigation support/e-discovery) (3D image design/manufacturing)
Taliesen Nexus (film educator/collaborator)
The Million Roses (floral company)
New Life Cardio Equipment (used cardio equip sales)
Plugged Cutz (barber shop)
Hookah Place LA (hookah bar)
Apple Galore Wireless (cell phone accessories)
On Some Shit (bmx brand/company)
We Better Cleaners (home/office/carpet cleaning)
Crew LA (non profit)
Telzio (phone systems)
Mafys Logistics
Twin Express
USGTG (logistics)
Vergo Industrial
Sym Logistics
Breau Nine


How Quixotic Realty Inc. Began and Is Unique as a Company

how Began and Is Unique as a CompanyWelcome to your number one resource for real estate in Downtown and the Greater Los Angeles area.  is located in the Old Bank District of the Historic Core in Downtown Los Angeles, California.  The company began in Downtown LA’s Fashion District in December of 2008 at the depth of the recession when the founder began leasing warehouse space to artists.  From there the company grew, specializing creative types of tenants looking for innovative spaces for competitive rates.  Since then, the firm has leased more art galleries and to more artists than any other commercial brokerage in Downtown Los Angeles and has spread out to the greater Downtown LA area.  In is incorporated under the name Quixotic Realty Inc. and operates as a dba.

The firm knows what artists want.  Having served tons of all types of artists, fashion designers, fashion showrooms, film, music, media, marketing, branding/pr, photographers, graphic designers, cafes, restaurants companies, the company is positioned to uniquely serve all types of business owners and investors looking to profit from the explosive growth that is now occurring in Downtown & Greater Los Angeles. The company prides itself on its non-institutional image with the flexibility to achieve excellence in serving both owners, buyers, and tenants without the rigid confines of your run of the mill corporate commercial real estate firm.

Aside from being best positioned to serve creative types with creative companies, one of the most unique things about the firm is that they especially excel at serving areas that have yet to be gentrified but are about to be gentrified.  No other commercial real estate company can attain greatness in these arenas more than this firm.

In 2016 the firm launched a residential branch and has become one of the most well-known commercial real estate companies in Downtown LA.  In 2015, and just announced, 2016, was voted “Best Commercial Real Estate Company in DTLA” by The LA Downtown News readers. With such a tremendous interest in the company and high call volume the company has hired two employees to assist with operations and has more plans for expansion. As fast as Los Angeles continues to grow, so does They look forward to helping you with real estate in Downtown & Greater LA. Please see the links above to start your search, or simply call the number above to get access to their services now.


Our Mission

To foster long-term relationships with renters, property managers, buyers and owners by providing a positive experience and an excellent service with honesty and integrity: creating continual, mutual, and profitable benefits for all parties involved.

Our People

Donegan McCuaig, Founder/CEO/Broker

donegan2Donegan graduated with Honors from UCLA with his Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, specializing in the Philosophy of Science. He’s been licensed by the CA Bureau of Real Estate since 2006 and a licensed broker since 2009. He spent the beginning of his career in apartment management producing astonishing occupancy increase results for property owners and managers in OC and LA. Donegan has worked in Downtown LA since December of 2008. He worked for a very large commercial property management owner producing stellar results, leasing tons of commercial space in the Fashion District, primarily to artists. Since then Donegan has become one of the most well known commercial brokers in Downtown LA, listing up to 22 commercial buildings for lease at one time. He and his company were voted Best Commercial Real Estate Co in DTLA by readers of the LA Downtown News in 2015 and, just announced 2016, beating out colossal firms such as CBRE. Donegan has lived in LA most of the time since 2004 and has lived in Downtown LA since 2012. He is actively involved and connected in the DTLA community. He’s currently the Chair of the Real Estate Committee for Bringing Back Broadway and a Board Member of the Little Tokyo Business Improvement District/Business Association. Donegan is passionate about DTLA and real estate: he enthusiastically strives to create win-win agreements with buyers, sellers, and tenants with every deal.

Downtown & Greater LA Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate Services

Downtown LA Commercial Real Estate specializes in Downtown LA commercial real estate services and also serves the greater Los Angeles area.   The founder of our company, Donegan McCuaig, has worked in Downtown LA since December 2008 and lived in the area since 2012.  Donegan knows what areas are going where in Downtown Los Angeles and is great at predicting success.  The seemingly countless tenants he has leased to attests to that.  Having been a DTLA enthusiast, working and living in Downtown, it would be hard to find someone in the commercial arena with their ear more to the ground to help clients achieve desirable success.

Aside from uniquely serving creative companies, our company, in multiple ways, is positioned to give commercial properties greater advertising exposure than any other brokerage in Downtown LA.  That is the is probably the reason we are so good at leasing property in gentrifying or soon-to-be gentrified areas.  We amaze owners by the number of potential tenants we bring to buildings.  Additionally, we typically reach 100% occupancy on the properties we choose to work with.  Here’s some specifics on how we can help you with Downtown LA commercial real estate services.


Creative Office Space for Lease

Our company began by leasing warehouse space to artists in the Fashion District of Downtown LA, and grew from there.  It is hard to imagine another brokerage better equipped to help you lease creative office space in Downtown LA than ours, especially to small business tenants.  Of course, we can serve large companies seeking creative office space as well, and not just in Downtown, but also in the Greater LA area.  We are especially equipped to help companies in the fashion, film, media, entertainment, photography, design, architecture, and artistic industries because we have already leased space to so many.  Because of the brokers experience with these business, any company that wants to become a more inspiring brand through adopting a more creative work environment would be well-served with us.

Of course, we’ve also leased space to attorneys and other typical tenants that would lease office space and we are happy to do so.  We know every large multi-story building positioned to be creative office/work space in Downtown LA and can suggest which one would be the best fit for your business, based on your needs.  If you are a building owner, you have come to the right place to get your building leased by creative  business tenants.


Retail Space for Lease

When it comes to leasing retail in gentrifying areas, we are unmatched.  Although we are equipped to lease to major retailers, we tend to work with tenants that are looking for affordable ground floor creative space to grow their business.  In an amazingly dynamic real estate market that is Downtown LA, with drastically different districts, it is important to know what is happening and where, and how you would be best served; and that is why you should work with us.

Serving creative types of tenants and understanding their business and how they make their money, is a key advantage to our company over our competitors.  Furthermore, you would be hard pressed to find a broker better versed in the areas uncommonly leased by gentrified tenants such as the Fashion District, Produce District, the Industrial District (including the Toy District); though we love, know, and serve all the districts including South Park, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Historic Core (including the Jewelry District & Old Bank District), and the Central Business District (Bunker Hill, Financial District).


Commercial Real Estate for Sale

Being so knowledgeable about DTLA’s commercial lease rates and trends in different districts and specific areas within those districts, we are uniquely positioned to give you detailed information to better help you to invest in commercial property in Downtown LA in order to take advantage of the market trajectory.  Also, having been in Downtown LA for so long, we know many many owners, and have inside information about pocket listings.

Not only that, if you are a property owner, it’s hard to believe any other Downtown LA commercial real estate company can give your property more internet advertising exposure than we can.  We will not pocket list your property, but put it on the market immediately for the greatest number of potential buyers to know about it, looking to invest in the explosive growth of DTLA.  Choose us for Downtown LA commercial real estate services.


Residential Real Estate Services

Condos for Sale in Downtown LA

As a secondary service we also help people buy and sell residential condos/lofts in Downtown LA.  Live/work condos are a great option for creative office for those who want to own their space, since there are not a lot of commercial condos available in Downtown LA.  It’s a great way to build equity!  Also, many live/work condos offer amenities that can be hard to find in creative office buildings, like private bathrooms with shower and full kitchens.  Many small businesses look live/work lofts as an option for their business.  Want to live in Downtown LA?  Want to buy a live/work condo for your business?  Give us a call! Or simply submit your information in the quick contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible, thank you!


Property Management

We partner with experienced property management companies in Los Angeles to make sure your property is best served and your tenants are best served.  If you are looking for property management services in DTLA or anywhere in Los Angeles, give us a call now and we’d be happy to assist you!

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